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BMW E39 Navigation Retrofit Project

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Video Switch + Backup Camera Install


Switch View I built my own video switch box to route two video input sources into the TV module: the backup camera, and the Raspberry Pi.




Switch View

The box is made of an e34 fan relay fuse box, e34 microrelays and sockets, and two e36 ABS relays. (all sourced from Buck’s Auto)

The RCA plugs are from digikey.

Test Setup

Switch View

To test the box on all input and output combinations before I fried anything expensive, I rigged up a janky test environment in the parkade.

Luckily, I discovered the Red and Purple relays have different pinouts – which initially fed +12v into the OutputShield signal.

Final Result

Switch View

With an additional relay wired into the backup light signal, and the camera composite video plugged in, the system works like a top.



Demo Video

Full video at Youtube

Additional Installation Pictures

Switch View Switch View Switch View